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#GarudaSelect Still Need to Work Harder

#GarudaSelect's Director of Football, Dennis Wise, regretted that his players failed to win the match against Leeds United U18.

Director of Football #GarudaSelect, Dennis Wise, regretted that his players failed to win the match against Leeds United U18 on the Loughborough University soccer field, Tuesday (20/4) afternoon WIB, which ended with a score of 7-7. In fact, going to half-time #GarudaSelect had a four-goal lead, enjoying a comfortable win of 6-2.

M. Faiz Maulana played brilliantly by scoring a perfect hat trick. Meanwhile, Elia Di Giuliomaria, Rendy Sanjaya, Hokky Caraka, and Krisna Sulistia scored one goal each.

"Football has two sides, a good side and a bad side. Those two things are important when you want to develop as a footballer. Today, we felt both," said coach Dennis.

"We were far ahead and played comfortably in the first half, so giving other players a chance to play was the right thing to do. But I was quite disappointed that they failed to play a satisfactory game in the second half. We made too many unnecessary mistakes, and certainly it was not acceptable, "added Coach Dennis.

Coach Dennis assessed that the players still have to work extra hard if they want to further develop, mainly to understand the game as a compact team game. "I saw we easily lost the ball too many times in the second half. This must be fixed. If the players want to reach a higher level, result like today must not be repeated," said Coach Dennis.

Rendy, who scored his first #GarudaSelect goal in this match, believes that they have learned from the result against Leeds. "The game was actually fun because we had the opportunity to play against a team at a higher level than us. But the result was obviously very disappointing because we went ahead 6-2 before the break and ended with 7-7 draw. We have to play better in the next matches," said Rendy.

After this, #GarudaSelect is scheduled to face Huddersfield Town U18 on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, at 17.45 WIB. The matches can be watched for free on Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV application, or the website at


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