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#GarudaSelect Players: Remembering their Debut Matches

The first match in football is always memorable.

The first match in football is always memorable. #GarudaSelect players share experiences about their unforgettable debut matches.

"My first official match was at the Elite Pro Academy U-16 2020 when Persebaya Surabaya faced Bali United and my team won by a score of 3-2. Before the match, I was so nervous, but I tried to play as usual as possible and followed the instructions of my coach, and the result was I scored two goals," said the forward, Wahyu Agung Drajat.

"For the first time, I played in the Kompas League with Bina Taruna in 2018. At that time the opponent was ASIOP and my team lost 0-2. I was very disappointed at that time because my team and I had been training seriously. I myself also intensified my own training at home for the sake of that match. I felt annoyed and disappointed, but fortunately after that, it became my motivation to work harder in order to win in the next match," said Muhammad Faiz Maulana.

"My first match was during the 2020 Soeratin Cup in Magelang. My club Gabsis Sambas against Jambi and my club won by a landslide score of 3-0. My preparation with other friends before the match was very serious and disciplined. And I did not forget to ask my parents to pray so my team can succeed in that match," said Roki.

"My debut occurred when I played for the Majengo United academy in 2013. At that time our real opponent was “Fair Play” that is why we lost 0 a 5. The match was a valuable lesson for me. I really hope to develop further with Garuda Select and one day I could return to Tanzania as a better player, "said Shaban Mbwana Kingazi.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Berra remembered his debut match with Como U-19 in 2020. At that time, the opponent was Giana Erminio. "I played for the U-19 team even though I was only 17 years old. Before the match, I prepared myself seriously under the guidance of our coach. But our team had to lose 1-2," said Lorenzo.


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