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#GarudaSelect Players Enjoy Training in the Snow

#GarudaSelect players had an exciting experience during the training session last Monday.

The #GarudaSelect Team training was conducted on a heavily snow-covered field at Loughborough University. #GarudaSelect players had an exciting experience during the training session last Monday.

"Today's training was very exciting, my friends and I were very excited and enjoyed it because in Indonesia we had never experienced a snowy field like this before," said Ridho Syuhada Putra. "The type of training provided by the coach is various, such as rondo, small games, and also fun games," added I Gede Aditya Juli. "In rondo, those who lost will be pelted with snowballs,” said Noval Junior Iskandar.

"This is the first experience for me to train on a snowy field because in my country, Tanzania, we do not have snow. Initially, I had a hard time, but I tried to enjoy it, finally I think the training was very exciting and fun," said Shaban Mbwana Kingazi.

"The field is very slippery and it becomes difficult to control the ball. The weather is very cold and it makes our fingers and toes feel numb," said Ridho. "As a goalkeeper, I have difficulty in catching the ball because it is slippery. I think this is a challenge for players to adapt how to play on field conditions like this," said Adit.

"This is a very valuable experience for me and for all players. It is possible that our next match will play on a snow-covered field, so as players, we must be ready," said I Gusti Made Rendi Sanjaya Putra.

Although it is really a challenge to play on a snowy field, players enjoy the training session. "An interesting and funny moment occurs when many players slip while running," said Adit. "I really enjoy because after scoring goal I can just skate on the snow," added Rendy.

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