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#GarudaSelect Players Can Hardly Wait to Compete Again

The players will prepare for matches against club academy teams in England.

Good news for the #GarudaSelect team, they will soon return to their normal activities and be able to return to training together. The players are preparing themselves for matches against the club's academy teams in England, something they have been waiting for several months. Besides being able to train together, they can also stroll to the city center.

Ridwan Ansori admits that he can't wait to be able to train as a full team, and to freely explore the city in his spare time.

"What I miss most (from the pre-lockdown period) is training in one full team again, not in small groups like now. It is definitely more excited to exercise together. Of course, we also miss competitive match. Personally, I also want to go to city centre, for instance to visit shoe or clothing shops, "said Ridwan.

The same thing is expressed by #GarudaSelect midfielder, Frezy Al-Hudaifi. He believes that by training together, the preparation and improvement of team cohesion will be faster and better.

"I am quite sad that we haven’t been able to train together. Fortunately, soon we can return to train in a full team and to compete again. Hopefully, we can develop better when we train together," said Frezy.

So far, the third batch of #GarudaSelect has only played one competitive match, namely against Port Vale U-18 which ended in a 1-1 draw. Starting next week they are expected to be back in action against the academies of the best English clubs.


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