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#GarudaSelect Players are Enthusiastic to Return to Training at the Gym

The relaxation of lockdown announced by the British government has made indoor sports activities possible. #GarudaSelect players enthusiastically welcome the new policy because now they can return to exercise in the gym as part of their routine physical training.

"I am very happy that now I can return to train in the gym. When the gym was closed we still trained to strengthen our muscles by having exercises in our own rooms, but training in the gym is certainly more adequate because we can use complete training equipments," said I Gusti Made Rendy Sanjaya.

"Exercising in the gym also makes us more enthusiastic because we train together with friends. Besides we can help each other in a number of movements, group training can also increase our motivation to achieve the targets set by the coach," explained Muhammad Faqih Maulana.

"In my opinion, training in the gym is very important to increase muscle mass in our bodies. I carry out the training menu given by the coach because to become a professional footballer it is very important to have a good physical strength," said Hokky Caraka.

"I and the players are very glad about the reopening of the gym. All players just had one training session in the gym and it was going well. The boys really enjoy working out in the gym and this is good for their development," said #GarudaSelect Physical Coach, Coach Jake. Fitzsimmons.

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