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#GarudaSelect Midfielders of the Year: Nando and Elia

Both players are considered to have a positive impact, both on and off the pitch.

Fernando Pamungkas and Elia Di Guilomaria were chosen by the coaching team as the best midfielders in the third season of #GarudaSelect. Both players are considered to have a positive impact, both on and off the pitch.

Nando is the alumnus of the second batch of #GarudaSelect. Compared to last season, now his ability has improved considerably. "Nando worked hard this season. His play in some games was really amazing. He trained really well and could understand the importance of not playing half-heartedly during any match. Nando always gave all his abilities and played with great intensity in order to make an impact on the match. Sometimes Nando was still too relaxed, but he began to understand that it is important to play at a high tempo in order to be a good player, "said Coach Danny Holmes.

"Off the pitch, Nando has a very good attitude. He doesn't talk much, but he is able to do and finish things well. Nando also rarely complains. I personally feel very happy to be able to work with him," added Coach Danny.

Meanwhile, Elia has a tough mentality as clearly indicated when the coaching team change Elia’s role in the team. "Elia thrived during his time with #GarudaSelect. He was able to adjust and assume a new role as a holding midfielder very well. Elia could understand the right time to keep guarding the opponent's movement, control or pass the ball and to start an attack by moving the ball to the opposite side,"added Coach Danny.

"Elia was also willing to do 'dirty' job. He made a lot of tackles, won aerial battles, intercepted passes and always run throughout the game. Overall, I think Elia had a great experience during the #GarudaSelect program in England. His game was developing well and we really hope that he can continue it in Italy, "Coach Danny concluded.

Watch again Nando and Elia's best actions in the reruns of the #GarudaSelect match at Mola. Also enjoy the story behind the journey of the #GarudaSelect team in the Dream Chasers Series through Mola Polytron Box, Polytron TV, the website at and the Mola app.


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