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#GarudaSelect Individual Training Program for Physique Strengthening

Individualized Gym Program is one of the routine individual training menus for #GarudaSelect players.

Garuda Select coaching team arranges specific individual exercises for each player to take part in a series of matches this season. Each player has indeed a different level of fitness. Therefore, we need an exercise program tailored to the physical needs of each player.

Individualized Gym Program is one of the routine individual training menus for #GarudaSelect players. Their progress is monitored one by one by Jake Fitzsimmons as the physical trainer. So that it is easier for the trainer to monitor the progress of the players over time during this season's program.

"This program really helps me to help improve my physical strength for my development as a player. The trainer gives a special task for each player for each exercise that must be undertaken in the gym," said Noval Junior, a midfielder.

Ibnul Mubarak, who in the first match performed quite well against Port Vale, is also attending individual physical training. After the match against Port Vale, Dennis Wise gave him a special homework to gradually increase his muscle strength in order to be able to compete against their opponents in England.

"Honestly, I have never had a program like this in Indonesia. This will certainly really help me to be able to physically fight against opposing players here. By this training, I am more confident that I will not lose when I fight physically against them and I will not easily fall down too,” said Ibnul.

Not only outfield players, goalkeepers like Adre Arido have also benefited from this program. "I feel that there are changes in the muscles of my thighs, legs and abdomen after having physical training focusing on those areas of my body. This really helps because it is monitored directly by Coach Jake and the training can be adjusted based on the physical assessment and needs. So now I know for sure what are the correct movements I have to make, not just move,“ explained Adre.


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