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Garuda Select Goalkeepers: Learning Points from the First Match

The coaching team noted several evaluation points on each line that must be improved.

The match against Port Vale was a great start for the 3rd batch of Garuda Select team. The coaching team noted several evaluation points on each line that must be improved, including on the backline sector, especially the goalkeepers. The goalkeepers deserve appreciation on several aspects but at the same time, they need to get critical notes on the aspects that need to be improved.

According to Dennis Wise, goalkeepers must know when they need to increase the tempo of the game and when to slow down. During the first game, he saw that when Adre and Adhitya tried to play fast, it put the team under pressure. Garuda Select Goalkeeper Coach, Phil Smith, has also the same opinion.

"The match went well, and I was happy to see the performance of the goalkeepers. They made some important saves and were good taking into consideration that this is their first game. They can draw some lessons from the game in order to further development," said Phil.

"The very important thing is to understand the game management or system. This is a challenge for most young players, as they are still difficult to determine when to play fast and when to slow down. These young players are often not aware that they have control and they have a role to determine the tempo of the game, to be faster or slower" added Phil.

In particular, Phil will give in-depth materials for goalkeepers such as on communication with defenders and other technical matters.

“Goalkeepers need to understand and learn to be able to play as sweepers, how they can sweep through balls, long passes, and can communicate well on the pitch. They have to be in control from the start of the kick, especially how to organize the four defenders," explained Phil.

"Goalkeepers are the best observer of the game. So it is important for them to really support the players by providing information to defenders on the pitch," said Phil.

According to Phil, the match against Port Vale was a good start for the two Garuda Select goalkeepers, Adre and Adhit. Playing well by making important saves will make them feel confident in their abilities.

"They both made saves. Adre did not concede at all in the first half, Adhit made a save in the second. This is a positive start for both of them. There can learn a lot from the game by continously training to further develop their abilities. The Important points from this game are that they can make some good saves and they can have more self-confidence after the game."

There is still plenty of time for Adre and Adhit to improve. Phil also emphasized that the young goalkeepers will always keep in touch with him. Meanwhile, the two goalkeepers said they now have more understanding about English football and what must be prepared for the game.

"During this month, the training method here has focused more on improving physicality. , But we have also explored various football techniques and teamwork," said Aditya.

"In the first match, communication with the defenders was still not good because it was only the first match. In the training I want to improve it, so that later it can run more smoothly and we will achieve good results," explained Adre.


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