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Funny Habits of Players off the Field

The goal is to maximize the game scheme on all fronts.

During one month of the on-going #GarudaSelect Program the players are continuously given in-depth material about the game of football in detail at each position. The goal is to maximize the game scheme on all fronts. Even though at first it looked like it was difficult, over time the players began to understand what to do.

For example, Wahyu Agung, who plays the attacker. He is given the responsibility to ensure team productivity through opportunities that can be maximized into goals.

"As an attacker, I must be able to maximize opportunities. That way I can make a positive contribution to the team. Then the coach also asked to play simply and not easily lose the ball," he said.

"Usually, we practice finishing in an internal game. Then the coach gives more detailed instructions such as positioning, where to run and so on,"

Playing a simple game is indeed one instruction that is often emphasized by the coaching team. And the instruction is applied for all fronts, including the defense sector which received appreciation from the coach in the inaugural match against Port Vale.

“Communication must go well, then don't lose the ball quickly and be strong in a duel. As a defender, the coach asked me not to let the opposing attackers slip away from my guard. The coach also asked all of us to be united in defending, " said Faqih Maulana.

"For a strong duel, the coach usually gives 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 training. Then before the match we usually practice set pieces to survive in corner situations. Then we also practice possession so that we don't lose the ball easily. When it comes to communication, usually outside the field I chat with teammates, " said Faqih.

The middle sector also plays an important role in the transition of the game both in defense and attack. According to one of the senior players in the Garuda Select Program this season, Fernando Pamungkas, they have to work hard to be able to carry out the coach's instructions properly. “The coach often says you have to play more aggressively and stay consistent. Then you have to be more confident when dealing with your opponent. That's what I always do on the field, do not easily give up at any situation, even against the toughest opponent, "said Nando.


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