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First Match in Football

They still very well remember it.

The first match usually becomes a moment that a football player could not possibly forget. The #GarudaSelect players are no exception. They still very well remember it. Usually, the match becomes their own motivation in pursuing their dreams as professional players.

The #GarudaSelect striker, Wahyu Agung, can still remember how the first match marked the beginning of his struggle as a player. "I still remember that around 2018, we lost against Porsas in one of the youth tournaments in Mojokerto. From there I felt that I had to improve my performance in order to win," said Wahyu.

Defeat does not always have to be grieved. This also happened to Elijah Di Guiliomaria. His first match with the Como U17 team didn't just end in defeat. But he also had to finish the match early due to injury.

"At that time, we fought Giana Erminio U17 and lost 0-2. I also didn't play the full game, only for 75 minutes because of a problem in my knee. From there I learned about what went wrong so we lost and try to stay eager to improve," said Elijah.

It doesn't always start with defeat. As happened to two players from Bekasi, Faiz Maulana and Noval Junior. The two players made it through their first match in a win. However, the victory did not make them puffed up, but it actually increased their enthusiasm for continously practicing.

"My team managed to win against REMCI Tangerang with a score of 2-0. That match made me more enthusiastic about pursuing football so that I could finally go to England to join #GarudaSelect," said Faiz.

"My first match at that time was against Raja Elang Purwakarta in the Football Junior League U13. We managed to win even though my goal was disallowed. Since then, I realize that I have talent in football and have become increasingly excited to add hours of playing and get more experiences,” Noval said.

Persistence and an unyielding spirit must be possessed by football players, especially at a young age. Even today, #GarudaSelect players continue to show their passion for training in order to pursue their dreams of becoming professional players and having a career in the football world.


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