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Fernando's role as an experienced player in #GarudaSelect

Fernando Pamungkas is one of the players who was called back to join the #GarudaSelect Program for the second time.

Because of that , other #GarudaSelect players usually come to the Surabaya-born player for advice.

"I chat several times with other friends. Usually I give them advice and tips on how to absorb knowledge here more quickly and ask them to follow the coach's direction. In addition, they must be confident to show their abilities in every training session," said Nando.

Ridho Syuhada Putra shares how he has learned from Nando. "Nando 's way of playing is very effective.He rarely dribbles but makes more passes from foot to foot. I learned from Nando not to hold the ball too long," Ridho said.

"Nando is a quality midfielder. He has a vision to play and control the ball. What I like from him is that he plays the ball with just two touches and passes the ball quickly," added Lorenzo.

"Nando is calm in managing the midfield. Nando is also a hard-working player and does not want to lose in duels against opponents. I want to learn to play more calmly like Nando," said Noval Junior Iskandar.

Nando has a clear message for his friends. "It is important for friends to practice seriously and work hard. Joining #GarudaSelect is a rare opportunity that cannot be obtained by all boys in Indonesia. So, take this opportunity to further develop yourselves," explained Nando.


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