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Fernando Pamungkas’ Dream: To Continue His Football Career in Europe

Fernando Pamungkas is one of the players who has been called back to join the #GarudaSelect Program for the second time. After performing well in the second season, Nando was again chosen by Dennis Wise and Des Walker to join the third season of the #GarudaSelect Program. Last season, Nando appeared in 10 matches with #GarudaSelect. He became one of the mainstay players in midfield in a 4-3-3 formation with David Maulana and Brylian Aldama.

"I feel lucky that I was selected to join #GarudaSelect again. Throughout the last season I felt good progress in terms of physical, technical and tactical understanding. In my opinion, being selected to return to join in the third season is an honor and an opportunity for me to continue to improve," said Nando. "Not only that, I am grateful because while participating in #GarudaSelect I also feel the development in my personal life. Living abroad away from my family makes me become more independent and confident," added Nando.

Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes reveals the reason for calling the Surabaya-born player back. "Nando showed his quality last season. He is good on the ball, has a high range of ground and can compete with opposing midfielders. He can learn quickly that a football match requires physical strength, especially to face hard opponents such as in England," said Danny.

"Since returning to England this season, Nando has become more confident. I hope in the match he can show quality by showing his ability to cruise, grab the ball from opponents, and quickly pass the ball so he can create opportunities for the team," explained Danny.

Nando realized the importance of following the coach's directions so he could develop even further. "The coach gave me a lot of advice to continue to improve. I have been asked to be more aggressive, calm with the ball, and quick to make decisions. I continue to train to be able to carry out these suggestions as well as possible and I hope my game can become much better, added Nando.

Nando himself has a dream that this season's #GarudaSelect will have his way to play in Europe. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of his seniors Bagus Kahfi and Brylian. "I think #GarudaSelect is a very valuable way to be able to have a career in Europe, as evidenced by Bagus who has just joined FC Utrecht and Brylian who will join HNK Rijeka in Croatia. I want to be like them playing in European clubs and strengthen the National Team of Indonesia, " said Nando.


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