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Faqih Maulana: #GarudaSelect's Tough Defender

His performance against Port Vale received appreciation from the Coaching Team.

His tough playing character and without hesitating to duel opposing players who are bigger than him is the image of Muhammad Faqih Maulana, the guard of the Garuda Select defense line. His performance against Port Vale received appreciation from the Coaching Team.

For Faqih, because this is a new position, he had to make very few adaptations. Faqih is now given a rather deep role as a center-back, in contrast to his previous position when he often played as a full-back. "This is just a matter of re-adaptation because the center-back and full-back are of course different. As full-back we have to be ready to go up and down, while as a central back, I am required to have a broad view of observing the match," said Faqih.

The coach's decision to move his position a little deeper was certainly based on careful consideration. According to the Garuda Select Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes, Faqih's strength and character of the game are indeed more suitable for a center-back than a full-back.

"As a center-back, he has a great chance to do well in that position. He just needs to improve few technical things like passing and control when he receives the ball. However, he started this program well and looking forward to see what his development,” explained Holmes.

"Faqih has great strength and determination. He doesn't want to lose and also enjoys being defensive. Other people may celebrate when his team scores, but he celebrates when he makes a tackle. That's a character I like about a defender," added Holmes.

Faqih admitted that he had been dreaming for a long time to become part of the #GarudaSelect Program. Faqih does not want to waste the golden opportunity that comes to him and will try to dig deeper knowledge about football.

"My feelings are mixed: there is pride, excitement, and nervousness. I am nervous because it has long been my desire to join Garuda Select. During the selection, the competition was very tight because at that time there were many good players. The intensity of training here is very high. The weather also affects our appearance. The players must be able to catch their breath," said Faqih.

"There are many trainings that have not been obtained in Indonesia, especially relatwhen it comes to physical training. One of my targets here is to physically improve. In addition, I also try to improve my vision of playing when competing on the field," said Faqih.


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