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Faiz and Elia's Ambition in the Match against Watford

In the match against Huddersfield18, Faiz managed to match Bagus Kahfi's record of scoring four goals in one match, while Elia was selected as Man of the Match.

Faiz Maulana and Elia Di Giuliomaria performed well when #GarudaSelect defeated Huddersfield U18 with a score of 5-3 on Tuesday (27/4) at Loughborough University Stadium. Faiz managed to match Bagus Kahfi's record of scoring four goals in one match, while Elia was chosen as Man of the Match.

Both players admitted that they were happy with the result because it increased their confidence and enthusiasm to train even harder. And they will also try to fix the shortcomings during the game in the next matches.

"In the first half we were quite off guard, so we conceded first. It is a lesson for us, so that we will not repeat the error in the next match. I'm also glad to score a quat-trick, and I thank all my teammates for their cooperation and support. My ambition is to always perform better and better. We must not be complacent and I want to be able to play better in every match, " said Faiz.

Elia is also happy to get appreciation from the coach as the best player. Furthermore, he is targeting to score goals again, such as against Leeds United.

"I am glad to be able to help the team with a performance like we had yesterday. If according to the coach I was the best player in yesterday's match, that is a proof of my hard work with the team so far. "Against Watford, I hope I can score a goal and avoid mistakes that lead to a penalty like yesterday," said Elia.

The match against Watford U18 will take place on Saturday (1/5) at 19.45 WIB. Watford will play in the Premier League next season. This will be the first meeting for the two teams during the three seasons of #GarudaSelect program. The #GarudaSelect vs Watford U18 match can be watched for free via the Polytron Smart TV, Mola Polytron Box, Mola app and website.


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