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Exercise to Improve Hand and Foot Reflexes with Coach Phill

The movements in this exercise are useful for improving hands reflexes and feet strength.

This time “Phil's Save Hands”with Goalkeeper Coach Phil Smith shows some of the exercises of the two #GarudaSelect goalkeepers, Adre Arido and Aditya Juli. The movements in this exercise are useful for improving hands reflexes and feet strength.

The first movement is the Variation Cycle 1. The coach kicks a volley at the goalkeeper. Before that, the goalkeeper must kick the ball that is on his right or left side, before catching the coach's shot that comes towards him. Concentration must be full in order to be able to make good anticipatory movements for the arrival of the ball.

The second exercise is a little bit different. If in Cycle 1 the coach kicks the ball at the goalkeeper hard enough with a volley, in Cycle 2 the ball is kicked horizontally. Before that, the goalkeeper must also receive a volley from the person next to him. This movement is also performed with the help of a cone to limit movement in training leg movements.

The last movement variant, also known as the Variation Cycle 3, starts with a more powerful volley. The goalkeeper is in the center of the cone and catches or blocks the ball from the center. Before that, the goalkeeper gets two passes which were kicked simultaneously by volley and horizontally from different locations other from the two previous locations in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2.

This form of training aims to train the reflex of the hand to catch the ball well, as well as to help train the correct positioning as a goalkeeper. This kind of training is one of the training methods Adre and Adit usually have in their daily activities during the training program with the #GarudaSelect team.

The movements carried out by the two #GarudaSelect goalkeepers with Coach Phil can also be done in an empty area or in the house yard. This exercise also helps move the body so that it keeps the body fit and in good shape.


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