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Elia and Rafli, Midfield Duo of Duet of #GarudaSelect

Elia Di Guiliomaria and Muhammad Rafli Asrul are two important players in the #GarudaSelect midfield. After three months of training under Coach Dennis Wise and Coach Des Walker, the two are getting better suited to play together. Elia and Rafli have often been played together on several training occasions and in internal trial matches that have been conducted.

"Elia is a complete midfielder. Elia has the advantage of being able to provide accurate passes, good ball control and powerful kicks," said Rafli. Meanwhile, Elia also praises Rafli as a good player. "Rafli has a good instinct to score goals. He is also a smart player, especially when he is holding the ball," added Elia.

"I am very happy to play with Rafli because the cooperation between two of us has gone well. He has more and more understanding about my position and the direction of the crossing I am going to make," said Elia.

"The key to build good cooperation on the pitch is good communication and the ability to understand what kind of crossing or passing our teammates prefer. As time goes by, I have been able to better understand what Elia wants, as well as Elia already knows what kind of cross or pass I like, "explained Rafli.

Rafli and Elia will have the opportunities to play together in the #GarudaSelect match once the lockdown relaxation plan will be enforced. According to the plan, the British Government will allow amateur sports matches, including football, to resume from March 29.


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