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Dustin Bramantio, A Potential Defender of the # GarudaSelect

As a central defender, Dustin is considered to have complete attributes to play in that position.

Entering the third month of the #GarudaSelect Program, Dustin Bramantio has begun to show significant progress in several aspects. As a central defender, Dustin is considered to have complete attributes to play in that position.

Assistant Coach of #GarudaSelect, Danny Holmes explains that Dustin's potential was immediately apparent since the beginning of the 3rd batch of #GarudaSelect Program.

"Dustin has started this program pretty well. He has shown a strong desire to defend. Having a good physical strength, he likes to compete physically against opposing players. As we can see can from his posture, compared to other player he is very strong. He has a passion to compete, that's what a defender needs, "explained Coach Danny.

"Of course there are still some things that need to be improved and that also happens to other players. Dustin has to improve a number of things such as the technique of passing, receiving the ball and the first touch. In addition, Dustin also has to be able to make decisions more quickly. In the future that ability will really help him in the game, " said Coach Danny.

To be able to adapt to the character of the game in England does not only rely on physical strength and speed. A player must also be able to quickly read the game. According to Coach Danny, Dustin should also improve on this aspect.

"He has to be able to understand what should be done before the ball is in his feet. That will help him provide passing or crossing faster in order to build up attack to opponent’s defense. Moreover, with his strong posture, Dustin is a natural," he added.

"I believe in the past he must had been given lessons in understanding tactics and play game. But here, Dustin gets more detailed and in-depth direction on what to do in certain situations."

Coach Danny hopes that the Surabaya-born player will stay enthusiastic in training dan continue to develop his skills and abilities as a football player.


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