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During Lockdown, Players still Undergo Physical Training to Maintain Fitness

The lockdown policy implemented by the British government prompted the GarudaSelect coaching team to revise their training agenda. Garuda Select Physical Trainer, Jake Fitzsimmons explained that currently, the focus of training is to maintain the players’ fitness.

“There are several things that have changed due to the lockdown policy because the situation is not ideal and the team can not train as usual. So what can be done is to maintain the fitness of the players. And one of the training programs is 5 km running drill," said Jake.

Garuda Select goalkeeper, Adre Arido Giovani enjoys the training programs provided by the coach. Adre realizes that to become a professional player it is important to maintain fitness.

"The trainer provides a running target of 5 km in 20 minutes. There is also a sprint drill within 1 km. A physical training session is also conducted in each room, and in my opinion that is important to build body muscles," said Adre.

"Although the training is tiring I think it is very useful for the players. It is important for a professional player to have good and strong body muscles," said Fernando Pamungkas.

"I am still enthusiastic to undergo the training because the training program is a must for developing the physical strength of the players," said Ridho Syuhada Putra.

Meanwhile, Fitzsimmons added that apart from maintaining fitness, the coaching team has also tried to maintain the psychological condition of the players. It is crucial to maintain a mental condition so that the players are ready when the team can return to play in a competitive match.

"The coaching team is trying to keep up the spirit of the players as best as we can. The current situation is not easy for them because they are far from home. So, apart from maintaining fitness, they need to be ready for the next matches after the lockdown. That is why we also keep their spirits up as much as possible," said Fitzsimmons.


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