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Developing Fast, Daniel Naa Still Needs Special Evaluations

Daniel is known to have a great passion for playing.

Daniel Naa's development during the #GarudaSelect Program is quite promising. According to the #GarudaSelect Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes, even though Daniel has progressed, there are still a number of aspects that can be improved.

Daniel is known to have a great passion for playing. However, his decision-making on the field still needs to be improved. "Daniel has a lot of enthusiasm and always gives 100 percent hard work on the field. He likes to make physical contact which can be seen in some game highlights. On the one hand, it can be an advantage. But sometimes it makes him difficult and it even gives advantages to the opponent. He just has to know when to grab the ball and when to let the opponent have the ball," said Holmes.

To improve the quality of Daniel's game, the coaching team has tried to give him intensive direction over the past few weeks. He often gets direct 'one on one' inputs from the coaching team. Even in this week's training session, Daniel was the only player to practice twice.

"In the past two weeks, we have tried to improve Daniel in terms of tactical understanding. The aim is to make sure that he takes the right positions when being attacked. Not too deep, nor too wide," Holmes said.

With the long training time, Daniel is expected to be able to better absorb the coach's orders. By continuously getting instructions to understand the game, Daniel's potentials and capabilities will surely grow. He will also get used to automatically carrying out the game system wanted by the coaching team.


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