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Dennis Wise's Assessment of Shaban Kingazi's Development

According to #GarudaSelect Football Director, Dennis Wise, he is satisfied with the progress of the Tanzanian player.

Since joining the team in early January 2021, Shaban Kingazi has continued to show encouraging developments. According to #GarudaSelect Football Director, Dennis Wise, he is satisfied with the progress of the Tanzanian player.

Shaban is considered capable of well understanding the training material. Wise also thinks that the player is ready to play in the real match. The presence of the player who previously played for Azam FC further complements the Garuda Select team, especially in the left sector. With his posture, Shaban is considered capable of keeping up with the speed and strength of the English players.

"The advantage I see is that he has the strength and the desire to work hard. He runs fast, has good technical skills, and is equipped with a good quality left foot. We can't wait to see him fight against the opposing winger," said Wise.

"He can be an extra strength for this team, especially on the left side because he will play at left-back. There are not many left-footed players here. Physically he is also showing improvement. Obviously, he will make this team even stronger. "We are currently giving him direction on several aspects and he can understand it very well," explained Wise.

Meanwhile, Shaban hopes that he can repay the coach’s trust if he gets the opportunity to play. At the moment, he just wants to focus on practicing and digesting all directions from the coaching team.

"I am very grateful to be able to get the opportunity to train until today. I will try my best for the development of my personal and team play with the abilities I have," said Shaban.

Shaban's arrival adds to the diversity of players in the #GarudaSelect team, and it is hoped that this will enable the players to learn about football culture and insights from other countries.

"Another good thing is that they can blend well. So far Shaban really enjoys the hard-working process. So, there are African, Italian and Indonesian players. They can learn from each other's strengths," Wise explained.

"Elia, Shaban and Lorenzo came to show different colors and I want the Indonesian players to learn what aspects they should improve. In my opinion, this will be an advantage for Indonesian players to be able to further increase their level of play," said Wise.


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