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Dennis Wise Reminds about Cheltenham Quality

#GarudaSelect's Director of Football, Dennis Wise, asks the players to give their best.

#GarudaSelect has about three days to prepare for the match against Cheltenham Town U18. #GarudaSelect's Director of Football, Dennis Wise, asks the players to give their best. Among others, they must perform in accordance to the level of play wanted by the coach.

"We will face Cheltenham in the near future. Obviously this is what the players now need, namely to play in a competitive match. I think they enjoy the match more than training. So, I can see to what extent they have digested the training material well. Also in a busy schedule like this, they are required to make recovery quickly, "said Coach Dennis.

"Everyone is in good shape, and I really enjoyed the previous game. Maybe there are still some disappoinments, like the way we conceded. But it will be evaluated so they understand where the mistakes are and what must be done to improve the game," said Coach Dennis.

Regarding Cheltenham, according to Coach Dennis, the quality of the opposing team is not too different from Mansfield. The players must be ready to face the big physical posture of their opponents with excellent stamina. This is certainly a challenge that #GarudaSelect must solve in the match.

"The game against Cheltenham will be very challenging. As they are very physical, maybe they will rely on the long ball far and take advantage of the width of the field. If we apply pressing play, they will apply long ball. So that's the course of the opponent's gameplay, the players have to be able to anticipate and overcome it. #GarudaSelect also has some tactical schemes, especially in dead ball situations," added Coach Dennis.

Cheltenham is one of the teams competing in The Football League Youth Alliance, one of the youth competition levels in England and is currently ranked 4th in League 1. At last season's meeting, #GarudaSelect won a 3-1 victory in Birmingham. and Rafli Asrul scored one of the team's three goals. This match will be broadcast live on Mola TV at 17:15 WIB.


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