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Dennis Wise Is Satisfied with the Performance and Fighting Spirit of the #GarudaSelect Team

This result continued the positive trend in the last five matches, winning four of them.

The #GarudaSelect team were able to beat Crystal Palace U17 in on Saturday (8/5) at the Loughborough University Field complex. This result continues the positive trend in the last five matches, winning four of them.

The #GarudaSelect team performance has made Coach Dennis feel satisfied. According to him, the players were able to carry out the Coaching Team’s instructions well, especially by starting the game with a high tempo.

“The first half was the best performance I've seen in this season. I'm satisfied to see it because it's hard to keep up a high tempo like that. It's great to see the players score goals," said Coach Dennis.

"Maybe it would had been better if we didn't concede. But overall the today performance was very good. They really worked hard to do what the coaching team had asked them to do. They were good in playing pressing as well as in passing the ball, “ added Coach Dennis.

Crystal Palace academy team is certainly a team with an unquestionable quality. This fact makes Coach Dennis even more proud of the #GarudaSelect because they are capable to match and even defeat one of the best academies in England.

“Basically I am happy that today we could finish the game with positive results that we had expected. Today we faced against a very aggressive team who are currently playing in Youth Academy Category 1. We managed to display a quality better than theirs,” continued Dennis.

The victory over Crystal Palace is a good asset for #GarudaSelect to face the next match which has been highly anticipated. On Tuesday (11/5) Manchester City U16 will become the final test for the players before they return back to their home countries. The match can be watched for FREE via the Mola Polytron Box, Polytron TV, or on the website


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