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Deeper Evaluation through One on One Session

It is expected that players can better understand and quickly find out what aspects they need to improve.

Video analysis is one of several ways for the coaching team to evaluate the players. Apart from being done together as a team, the coaches also conduct face-to-face sessions with each player. With one on one session, it is expected that players can better understand and quickly find out what aspects they need to improve.

The players were shown the some highlights of their action in the match against Port Vale. In each situation, the coach provides direction on how the player should do as well as avoid in that situation. The material in this face-to-face session was given by Danny Holmes as the Garuda Select Assistant Coach.

“The objective is for the players to know what they have to improve, and what aspects they have to maintain. Daniel Naa, for example, must know that playing doesn't always mean getting the ball. In addition, he has to start reducing fouls that lead to free kicks for opposing team,” said Holmes.

Meanwhile Daniel admits that face-to-face session really helped him get more detailed inputs from the coach. “The coach gives input on how to stop the opponent's movement without committing a foul. So far, the coach says my way of cutting the ball is good, it just needs to be improved a little bit,” said Daniel.

“I was also asked to reduce fouls because I made many fouls during the first match. The objective is that in the opponent doesn't get advantage because of too many free kicks given to them due to the fouls I make during the game,” said Daniel.

Like Daniel, Krisna Sulistia, the youngest player in the #GarudaSelect squad this year, also admits that he has learned many new lessons from face-to-face session. According to him, Holmes gave him a lot of directions, technical and psychological ones.

“The coach tells me that actually my dribble is good but I have to be able to think faster when I control and pass the ball. Things like this really add to new insights. In Indonesia I have never had a session like this,” said Krisna.


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