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Daniel Naa: Necessary Improvements To further Develop His Potentials

Daniel Naa was one of the Garuda Select players who performed well against Port Vale U18. However, according to the Garuda Select Coaching Team, there are still shortcomings that must be fixed by the Sorong-born player.

Daniel was trusted by the coaches Dennis Wise and Des Walker as a starter. Daniel played for 70 minutes before being replaced by Roky.

Assistant Coach, Danny Holmes gave an evaluation of Daniel's game in the debut match. There were several moments in the match where Daniel made unnecessary fouls and put the team in danger from a set-piece situation.

"So far I have only seen Daniel's game in one match and he has weaknesses that can be fixed. What's interesting about Daniel is that his strengths can actually be a drawback. Daniel always plays aggressively, fights persistently, and has the will to be able to grab the ball away from the opponent, but as I said earlier, it can actually be a weakness, "said Holmes.

"What he will try to teach is that he has to learn when to grab the ball aggressively and when to keep calm. With his physical abilities, his quality will increase 100% if he can learn a lot," continued Holmes.

Holmes added that committing an unnecessary foul could result in a red card for Daniel. This situation should be avoided because it is not good for the team.

"From the footage during the match, it was seen several times Daniel did back-tackles or swung the defender's leg in front of the ball from behind, which gave the opponent a free-kick. This is very unfortunate especially against teams like Port Vale U18 and many other teams in England. Fouling in his own area gives the opponent a chance to send the ball to the penalty area. In a match, for a foul like this Daniel can be punished with a yellow card and even it is possible a red card. This is the downside of his game and Daniel has to start learning. If he can't get the ball then he has to press his opponent and force him to turn his back on the goal. "If he can learn this then he will be a better player," said Holmes.


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