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Competitors on the Field, Friends off the Field

This season's #GarudaSelect attack line is strengthened by Faiz Maulana, Hokky Caraka and Lorenzo Berra.

This season's #GarudaSelect attack line is strengthened by Faiz Maulana, Hokky Caraka and Lorenzo Berra. The competition in the front sector has become tight and interesting to follow. They also acknowledge that the competition in the front position is very tight. Especially because they have already known each other's strengths.

And in the closed trial matches that were just recently held, each of them scored a goal and brought #GarudaSelect ahead of one of the English academy teams. In that match, Faiz scored two goals, while Lorenzo, Hokky and Krisna each scored one goal.

However, these three players confirmed that the existing competition still upholds the value of sportsmanship and does not affect their personal relationships outside the field. "Competition is tight, but we are still competing in a healthy manner.

Hokky's strength is the ability to control the ball well. Lorenzo has more physical strength than other players. He does not hesitate to duel with opposing players and his endurance is also good," said Faiz.

"Faiz has good skills and does not give up easily. Lorenzo dares to duel with opponents. He is also good at guarding opponents. Competition is difficult, but we still support each other. Off the field we also often motivate each other and talk about many things," said Hokky.

Meanwhile, according to Lorenzo, the two players from Indonesia have good abilities. This makes him more excited to compete to be the best and contribute maximally to the team.

"Hokky and Faiz have good quality. Hokky relies more on speed, while Faiz has good ball control. The competition spurs us to work hard on the pitch and to give our best," said Lorenzo.

The competition between them took place only on the pitch. Apart from that, the #GarudaSelect players have a good relationship off the pitch. They often spend time together, from chatting while exchanging languages, playing music, to playing console games. Hokky, Faiz, and Lorenzo have been doing the same thing.

Having the competition on the pitch, players are motivated to give their best. Moreover, by supporting each other, they do not only boost their motivation to play but also create a positive atmosphere that make this team more solid and compact.


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