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Coach Phil's Tips for #GarudaSelect Team against Swindon Town

Phil Smith, currently a goalkeeping coach, was a Swindon Town player from 2006 to 2012.

#GarudaSelect received a bit of information about the opponent's game they will face on Tuesday (13/4), Swindon Town U18. Phil Smith, currently a goalkeeping coach, was a Swindon Town player from 2006 to 2012.

Coach Phill also reminded the players to be aware of the Swindon game because they will be quite different from the opponents they faced yesterday. In addition, Coach Phil is also still familiar with some of the coaches there, so he understands about the character of the game that Swindon will show in tomorrow's match.

Swindon will become a tough test for #GarudaSelect players. Even though their postures might not be as big as the previous opponents, they still can be quite troublesome. They will be happy to have ball possession and avoid direct play. They will appear united because they have played together since they were at a younger age, "said Coach Phil.

"Swindon already knows what to do for tomorrow's match. Some of them already have a fair amount of experience to play in competitive matches. Maybe that's a challenge the players have to face. I hope this time we can win this match. I'm sure the #GarudaSelect team wants to. show their best ability as the results of training so far, " added Coach Phil.

Although the match will not be an easy one, Coach Phil is sure that the players will play with high enthusiasm as an important asset in this match. According to him, what #GarudaSelect has shown so far is good and we just wait for its verification in terms of the results of the match. "The players must be able to take the initiative to give pressure against the ball possession tactics played by Swindon. They must continue to perform with high enthusiasm as they have shown so far, because at the same time Swindon also wants to look good and control the match," said Phil.

Watch the match which will be broadcast live on Mola TV on Tuesday (13/4) at 18:45 WIB. The match can be watched via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, Mola TV application, or the website at


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