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Coach Dennis: Hopefully the #GarudaSelect Experience Will Be Beneficial for the Players’ Career in t

"It's great to be with them. I wish the players all the best," stated Coach Dennis

For Coach Dennis, this season's #GarudaSelect has a unique story and experience. Especially when the British government implemented a national lockdown rules from December 2020 to April 2021.

"Actually, it was very unfortunate because we didn’t have many opportunities to do things with the players due to the implementation of the lockdown, but amazingly they could still smile and enjoy their daily activities. It was really great to be with them. I wish the players all the best. I am sure they can be successful, while some of them will come back with us (in the fourth batch), "said Coach Dennis.

"One thing is for sure, I remind the players to stay in touch. We (the coaches) will always be available for them. They just need to call or text us if they need help,” added Coach Dennis.

#GarudaSelect third batch recorded four wins, four draws and only two defeats in 10 matches. However, the 5-3 victory over Crystal Palace U17 was an unforgettable moment for Coach Dennis. The Palace Academy is one of the academies included in Category 1 of youth academy accreditation in the UK.

"There were some impressive things from a football point of view, for example the team play against Palace. The players played amazingly, so it really impressed me. It was a game that during the break I didn't have to say much. Maybe it was the first time that I just said 'good job' to the players because there really wasn’t much to improve. They played really well and I hoped they could continue in the second half. But things like this are very rare," said Coach Dennis.

Coach Dennis wishes that the third generation of #GarudaSelect players will have a bright future, especially after six months of experience in England.

"I realize that sometimes I had to be hard on them but it was because I want them to be successful. Those moments might not be fun, but I had to do it for their development," explained Coach Dennis.

"I hope the players enjoyed the experience they had in this program. When they return home, they can remember moments when they shared laughter, as well as the matches they played together. We want them to maximize some of the valuable experiences they had here," said Coach Dennis ending the interview.

Watch all reruns of the #GarudaSelect match and the Dream Chasers series: Garuda Select via the Mola Polytron Box, Polytron TV, the website at and the Mola app.


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