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Coach Appreciation for the Garuda Select Defense Line

Apart from giving his appreciation, Wise also commented on the Garuda Select ball possession which still has to be improved.

The third batch of Garuda Select started the season with a 1-1 draw against Port Vale on Tuesday, 22 December 2020 at Loughborough University. The Garuda Select goal was scored by Putu Dipa in the second half.

The performance of the players at the match received appreciation from the coaching team. Even with relatively short preparation, the players were able to keep up with the hard and fast gameplay that has become a hallmark of the English team.

Then coach appreciated the way the Garuda Select players defended against their opponent's attacks. During the first half, the duo Ibnul Mubarak and Faqih Maulana were able to provide a protection for Adre Arido in the last line of defense.

“I think our defense looked quite solid, in line with what we had emphasized in pre-match training. The players were also able to compete physically well and often win duels," said Dennis Wise.

Apart from giving his appreciation, Wise also commented on the Garuda Select ball possession which still has to be improved. According to him, the players must be calmer when holding the ball, so that the attack scheme can be prepared properly.

"Obviously, there are still a lot of things to improve, especially in terms of ball possession. I think the players still unnecessarily lost the ball too many times. If we face a better team, we will be punished if we lose the ball in a vulnerable area," he continued.

"Besides that, we also have to maximize the finishing touch to score goals. There were some good opportunities on the counter-attack, but some passes and crosses weren't optimal. Those weaknesses will be corrected, "added Wise.

However, there are two names that, according to Wise, make the difference, namely the two center-backs, Ibnul Mubarak and Faqih Maulana. "They are able to sweep the ball at the right time. Both of them seem to be able to apply the training material well, "

"They are able to keep the defensive area well and always come back to the positions where they should be. The four defenders are also able to coordinate and play in harmony. "

Another note about the defensive line is, according to Wise, is they were calm when they got attacks from opponents. He said, there were still some players who were too hasty to break the attack causing the violation of rule.

"Overall, the defenders performed well despite frequently making dangerous fouls around the penalty area. This was because the players were too eager to grab the ball, even in moments that were not really necessary."

"There were times when they could still let the opponent control the ball. But you have to make sure you don't concede and send the opponent back into the area. This is what Daniel Naa must understand. I like his passion, but he also has to understand this,“ stressed the coach.


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