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Behind the Spectacular Long Range Goal of Rafli Asrul

In the last match against Watford U16, Rafli scored a spectacular long range goal.

Rafli Asrul is still one of the mainstay players in the GarudaSelect midfield this season. His game has been growing well over time. This season, Rafli plays his role as an attacking midfielder in a diamond formation. According to him, the formation has made easier for the team to determine the direction of the game and facilitate the flow of the ball.

"Actually, it is not much different from last season. Only this time the midfield consists of four players. So we can cover each other both in attacking or in defending. The passes are also better with the four midfielders, "said Rafli.

In the last match against Watford U16, Rafli managed to score a spectacular long range goal. This goal also gave momentum for the #GarudaSelect players to come from behind and win the game.

According to Rafli, he is happy to have scored goals. But he insisted he is only trying to carry out his role as a player that is to perform as well as possible on the field. “When the front line get stuck, I think that's where the role of a midfielder is to take the initiative to find ways to score goals. That's what I have been doing, "said Rafli.

"But I don't want to be quickly complacent. I still have a lot to learn. Now I have to focus on working hard in training so that in the future I can show even better performances, " added Rafli.

Next #GarudaSelect will face Crystal Palace U17 on Saturday, 8 May 2021, at 18.45 WIB. The match can be watched for FREE via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, Mola application, and the website at


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