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Adre Arido's Profile: Dedication To Grandfather

Adre was born in Yogyakarta. However, the starting point of his football career began in Jakarta.

Adre Arido was included in the list of the first 11 players who were given the opportunity to start in the game of the Garuda Select against Port Vale. He appeared throughout the first half and was able to keep the net from being conceded. This is a valuable experience for a player who knows football through the direction of his grandfather who really likes soccer.

Adre was born in Yogyakarta. However, the starting point of his football career began in Jakarta, when he entered a soccer school near his house. He started his soccer education at SSB Rindam, East Jakarta, in 2011. After one year, he joined the Jakarta Football School until 2019. After that, he entered SSB Bina Taruna, which later became the door for him to enter the Garuda Select Program.

"When I was a child I lived in Yogyakarta. But during school holidays, I often visited my grandfather in Jakarta. Actually at first I preferred to play badminton than soccer. But incidentally, my grandfather often invited me to watch exhibition matches in the village, and several times taught me the basics of soccer," said Adre.

In the beginning, Adre did not start his career as a goalkeeper. However, there was one moment that forced him to become a goalkeeper. "When I was in the second grade of elementary school I moved to Jakarta and entered SSB. But at that time I was not a goalkeeper. Once there was a penalty moment that I was forced to become a goalkeeper and I managed to save the penalty. From there I finally felt fit to become a goalkeeper,"said Adre.

According to Adre, getting the opportunity to participate in the Garuda Select Program was his dream come true. In the two previous batches, he admitted that he always followed the development and information about the program through TV and social media. Adre had been pessimistic that this year the program would continue to the third batch because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, when he found out that this program was still running, he did not waste the opportunity.

"I like to fantasize about when getting a chance to train in England like Bagas and Bagus. This year, all football activities have stopped and I thought the program would be eliminated. But as it still continues, I then took part in the selection process. It is really my pleasure that I was selected to get this precious opportunity and to be trained by English football legend," said Adre.

And now Adre is trying to maximize this opportunity to gain as much knowledge as possible. With all the adjustments to the new things he has to face in England, he expects to be able to prove himself to his grandfather, his first teacher in football.

"Grandfather always advises me not to take it easy in England. He tells me to keep practicing seriously and working hard. He hopes that I will be able to perform well in every game, will be consistent and also will absorb a lot of lessons. My grandfather believes if I follow his advices, I can play in Europe," said Adre.

According to Adre, there is one interesting lesson he receives in UK, namely there must be a balance between hard play and maintaining the rhythm of the game dynamics.

"The English players are usually tall and always play hard. The lessons I took from yesterday's match are how to be able to make decisions quickly and know how to adapt to the changing situations. In addition, there are a few more things, especially in terms of mentality and training on catch reflex." said Adre.


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