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Aditya Juli’s Development in the Eyes of Trainer

Entering the third month, Adit and other players are busy with an intensive training program.

I Gede Aditya Juli is one of two goalkeepers of the #GarudaSelect team this season. Through #GarudaSelect Adit hopes to become a goalkeeper for the Indonesian national team, and to have a professional career playing for football clubs outside Indonesia.

Entering the third month, Adit and other players are busy with an intensive training program. According to him, the training materials provided by the coach not only boost his physical condition, but also improve his mindset in the game.

"I am happy because I can get a lot of experience and lessons here. I learn how to increase endurance, physical strength, how to see patterns of play and how to make decisions on the field," said Adit.

"I can feel my legs are getting stronger and stronger. Now I can also better understand the direction of the ball when facing the opponent shooting. As a goalkeeper, I want to play without conceding and be able to contribute to the team,” added Adit.

Adit's hard work has been appreciated by #GarudaSelect Goalkeeping Coach, Phil Smith. According to him, Adit must continue to focus on improving detailed matters such as decision making and communication during the game.

"Adit always gives everything in every training. I am very happy to see him improving every week. He is able to organize defenders to get back into their position. Maybe the remaining aspect that Adit has to improve is decision making, such as to know when to catch and when to brush off the ball," added Smith.

As the lockdown continues in England, Adit and other players can focus more on absorbing all training materials. It is expected that with various improvements such as physical strength, tactical ability and appropriate mindset, the players will be better prepared for the next competitive match.


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