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Adapting to the Snow in England

When the players were training, heavy snow came down and it created excitement for players.

Garuda Select Programs have always been held in the winter until spring. In late December to early January, low and freezing temperatures usually makes a lot of snow falling and covering most of the ground in England.

For Garuda Select players, snowfall is a new experience and for sure they do not want to miss it. On Wednesday (30/12) afternoon, when the players were training, heavy snow came down and it created excitement for players, especially Indonesian players who had never experienced snowfall before. All the players and staffs enjoyed it as a little fun.

“The first thing is that it is definitely nice to see and feel snow directly. Training time is also fun even though it feels a little different. We feel our fingers a little bit frozen just like being in an ice bath. The ball also moves much more slowly and the field becomes slippery,” said Garuda Select defender, Faqih Maulana.

For Faqih, snow is only one of the many new experiences he has had during the Garuda Select Program. "Of course I become even more excited because this is the right place to seek soccer knowledge. Later, there will definitely be more new experiences that I can get in this program," said Faqih.

Cold weather, especially snow, does make the players have to make adjustments to stay fit. For those who are not used to a cold weather like in England, hunger can come sooner. This also makes Faqih have to be smart in dealing with it.

“Usually before training, to stay warm, I prepare a medicine and as much as possible keep my stomach filled by eating bread, but not too many," said Fatih.

For most of the players, snow is a new experience but not for Lorenzo Berra, the Italian player. However, he is happy to enjoy the snow days with his Indonesian friends. "This is not the first time I have seen snow. But I still feel happy because my friends from Indonesia are so enthusiastic to see and feel snow. That is why we all have fun," said Lorenzo.


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