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The Presence of Shaban Kingazi Among #GarudaSelect Players

So far, the left-back player has impressed his colleagues after performing well in internal game.

Shaban Mbwana Kingazi has joined the third batch of #GarudaSelect for a month. So far, the left-back player has impressed his colleagues after performing well in internal game.

"Shaban is a very fast player and has good technique. On the pitch, Shaban is also very aggressive. Certainly, I can learn from him about that," said Elia Di Guiliomaria. "Shaban is a hardworking player and is determined to take the ball from his opponent," added I Gusti Made Rendi Sanjaya Putra. "Shaban has a simple style of play, is strong in defense, and is good at pressing opponents," added I Gede Aditya Juli.

As a fellow left back, Edgard Amping sees the strengths that Shaban has. "Shaban's playing style is similar to the style of play of English players who rely on physicality and speed. As a left-back, Shaban is not only strong in defense, but also diligent in supporting attacks," said Edgard.

So far communication with the Tanzanian player has been going well on and off the pitch. "I communicate with him in English. Shaban is fluent enough so that Lorenzo and I can chat a lot with him," said Elia. "The communication we use on the pitch is quite simple, when defending I shout at him ‘defense’, ‘pressing’ or ‘marking’," added Adit.

"I think playing football uses universal language. There are many ways to communicate, such as by hand gestures or eye glances," said Ridho Syuhada Putra. "Outside the field, we teach him a little Indonesian," added Edgard.

"I am enthusiastic about being taught the language by my friends. Now, I know some words like 'bagus' and 'yuk'. I was also taught to speak 'aku rapopo'," said Shaban.

The presence of international players in the #GarudaSelect Program aims to enable Indonesian players to mingle more broadly with various players and cultures of other countries in a more supportive international environment. This is an important thing for both Indonesian and international players, in order to be able to develop themselves before entering the world of professional football.


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