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Spending holiday with a PS Game Tournament between Players

This activity is also intended to make them more familiar with each other and to prevent boredom.

During holiday, when there is no any training session, to kill the time, some #GarudaSelect players hold a PS FIFA 21 game console tournament. This activity is also intended to make them more familiar with each other and to prevent boredom.

However, not all players are participating, and a strict health protocol system has still to be applied. The PS tournament is participated only by eight people. Later there will be another round of the same kind of PS tournament for other players.

This time, Faiz Maulana came out as the winner. He managed to beat Hokky Caraka in the final with a narrow score of 4-3. For his success, Faiz won the rolling champion’s trophy.

"It's nice to win because from the initial round the opponents were also very good and hard to beat them. Up to the final I always could won only narrowly. The most memorable match was of course the final against Hokky (Caraka). At first, he underestimated me, but in the end I was able to win using Liverpool against Hokky who used Bayern Munich,"said Faiz.

"Actually, I was not underestimating Faiz. Initially I thought that in the final I was going to fight against Frezy. But it turned out that Faiz won. Even though I lost, I am still happy because this PS game also refresh our mind before we all start training again," said Hokky.

This kind of activity is indeed needed to reduce boredom amidst a tight and intensive training agenda. Apart from that, the players can also spend time together off the pitch and talk about other things. However, they still focus on preparing for the next practice.

"In terms of preparation, in my opinion we are now much more prepared. Especially from the physical aspect because yesterday we had been pushed all the way. Now we just need to improve the technical aspects such as touch the ball and so on," said Faiz.

In the current lockdown period, things like to kill the time by playing PS together like this are quite helpful to keep players in a happy mood. So, later on when they return to training, the players continue to train in a good mood and are better prepared to carry out all the training program materials provided by the coaching team.


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