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Profile: Watford F.C. Academy

#GarudaSelect will again compete with one of the best English academy teams, Watford U18, on Saturday, May 1 at 19.45 WIB.

Watford U18 currently compete in the Professional Development League which is the second level competition at U18 level in English football. So far Watford's performance has been quite good, ranking fourth in Group B.

Watford Academy has produced many quality players in its history. One of them is the star of Borussia Dortmund and the England national team, Jadon Sancho who studied at the Watford academy for eight years before being transferred to Manchester City.

Apart from Sancho there is a former Manchester United winger who currently plays for Inter Milan, namely Ashley Young who played at the Watford academy for eight years. Young was promoted to the senior team in 2003 and over four years with the senior team he played in 110 games.

Another famous name is the former England National Team goalkeeper, David James who joined the Watford academy in 1986 and two years later he was promoted to the senior team.

Facing against Watford U18 will be #GarudaSelect's next chance to measure their abilities and skills after beating Huddersfield U18 with a score of 5-3. Don't miss the match between #GarudaSelect vs Watford, Saturday (1/5), at 19.45 WIB. The matches can be watched for free via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola app, or the website at


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