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Maximize your preparation to face Swindon Town U18

Some players also maximized their preparation with training and corrected deficiencies in previous matches.

#GarudaSelect players have learned valuable lessons from the draw they had in the last two matches. Ahead of the Swindon Town U18 opponent on Tuesday (13/4), several players have also maximized their preparation with harder training and have tried to correct mistakes they made in previous matches.

One of them is Faiz Maulana, who scored one goal against Cheltenham. According to him, the biggest challenge in a match often come from ourselves and there are several things that need to be corrected. "The lesson we have learned in the last two matches is that we should be able to avoid violations as much as possible. Then always press the opponent in any area, and don't let the opponent get a free kick," said Faiz.

Ridho Syuhada, who scored one goal against Mansfield, also has almost the same opinion about the evaluation that has to be carried out. "We have to avoid unnecessary fouls. If that happens the opponents will take advantage of their big postures through set pieces. Focus and communication must also be improved," said Ridho.

Meanwhile, Rendy Sanjaya prefers to increase his training portion to make him much stronger and fitter during the match, since the opponents they face have good physical strength. "I decide to increase my own training portion with a spin bike so that later when I play, I can be in a much better condition," said Rendy.

The match against Swindon Town will become a valuable lesson for #GarudaSelect players. They will face opponents who tend to master ball possession and avoid direct play style. Watch the match live on Mola TV on Tuesday (13/4) at 18:45 WIB. This match can be watched via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV app, or the website at


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