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Learn from Mistakes from the Match Against Cheltenham U18

At last season's meeting, #GarudaSelect won 3-1 in Birmingham.

The #GarudaSelect team will face Cheltenham Town U18 this Friday (9/4). Rafli, who scored one goal in the match against Mansfield, admits that he will use this match to improve his appearance. "For the Cheltenham match of course we will fix few mistakes made against Mansfield," said Rafli.

Meanwhile, Elia Di Guiliomaria will use the upcoming match as a moment to restore his performance. "I think we will get used to the play rhythm of the team. Personally, I also want to improve my game again through the upcoming match," he said.

For Krisna Sulistia, he is now more confident in welcoming the next matches. According to him, this has begun to appear during the match against Mansfield. "Yesterday in terms of physical posture we lost, but from a mental perspective, I think #GarudaSelect was superior. I am excited about the next match. We have speed and we have to take advantage of it," said Krisna.

"I am certainly happy to be back in the game. From the match against Mansfield, we could see that we actually had a chance to win. That must be maximized in the next match. We need to avoid making mistakes in order to achieve the desired results," said Wahyu Agung.

This season, the Cheltenham academy plays in The Football League Youth Alliance competition, one of the youth competition levels in England. Cheltenham is currently ranked 4th in League 1. In the last season's meeting, #GarudaSelect won 3-1 in Birmingham and Rafli Asrul scored one of the team's three goals. This match will be broadcast live, only on Mola TV at 17:15 WIB.


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