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Ibnul Mubarak Ready to Continue the #GarudaSelect Training Program in Indonesia

Ibnul Mubarak is delighted to be able to participate in the season 3 of the #GarudaSelect Program for six months in the UK. Ibnul acknowledges the benefits of being trained by Dennis Wise and Des Walker as he himself feels the development of both his physicality as well as his skills as a football player.

"During six months of training in England, my physique and endurance were getting much better. I also understand better how to become a stronger defender so I can stop the attacks and prevent the opposing team from scoring goals. In addition, I have a better understanding of the right time to take the ball from opponents. Those skills are important for me who wants to be a professional defender. " said Ibnul.

"Mentally I was also developed, especially after facing tough opponents from the best academies in England. The match against Manchester City is really an experience that I can never forget. It was very difficult to guard their movements, but it was an important lesson for me in order to become a better defender," added Ibnul.

The coaching team do have a special message for Ibnul. "Coach Des and Coach Dennis told me to build my body muscles after returning to Indonesia. According to them, I am still too thin to be a center-back. Coach Jake has also provided an individual training program that I can do at home. In the next few months I will try to train on my own, hoping that I will be called back to join the fourth season of #GarudaSelect," Ibnul concluded.

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