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Hokky: A Brace for My Parents

Both goals were dedicated to his parents and families who watched the live match in Indonesia.

#GarudaSelect striker Hokky Caraka scored two goals in the 5-1 victory against Queens Park Rangers U18, Saturday (17/4) afternoon, West Indonesian Time. Hokky said , both goals were dedicated to his parents and families who watched the live broadcast match in Indonesia.

"Before the match, I contacted my parents. They asked me to score a goal and I managed to score two. I feel very happy because the whole family are watching my game," Hokky said.

"For me, the match itself was very pleasant. We played well as a team even though the opponents were tough. The match also helped us to get more football knowledges and experiences," he added.

One thing that had motivated Hokky in the match against QPR U18 was the result of the previous meeting of GarudaSelect vs QPRU18. Last season, #GarudaSelect lost 5-8 to QPR U18. Hokky felt satisfied because he could help the team to get their revenge after their last season defeat with a landslide victory. "Last season, we were beaten up badly. All the way (to the QPR Academy field, London), I was just thinking how I could avenge the defeat. Thanks God, we managed to win by a landslide this time," said Hokky.

Because of his brilliant performance against QPR U18's, #GarudaSelect's Director of Football Dennis Wise choose Hokky as Man of the Match.

Hokky said that he is certainly proud to get the award, but he thinks there are still many things that need to be improved.

"I feel I need to be more agile, not spending long time in monitoring the ball. When I hold the ball, it should be just two touches at the maximum, so that when I turn my body, I can immediately run because I know I have speed. I also think that physically I need to improve because in the final minutes of the match, I still feel very tired, "Hokky explained.

#GarudaSelect will face Leeds United U18, the champion of the 2018 U18 Professional Development League. The match will be played directly from the Loughborough University field, Tuesday (20/4) at 18.45 WIB. The match can be watched for free only the Polytron Smart TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola TV application and website.


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