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#GarudaSelect’s Dynamic Duo: Faiz Maulana and Hokky Caraka

The #GarudaSelect assistant coach, Danny Holmes, is pretty satisfied with the attacking duo Hokky Caraka and Faiz Maulana. So far, the two have been compact and sharp in scoring goals, five goals from Faiz and four goals from Hokky.

"It's great to have an attacker who can score a lot of goals. Both Hokky and Faiz are sharp and this is certainly good for the team. Hokky is a strong and fast player and several times he has opened up opportunities for Faiz. I hope their cooperation will continue and they can score even more goals,” said Coach Danny.

"I am glad to have a duet partner like Faiz because he is good at reading the game. Faiz can understand well where I am going to pass," said Hokky. "The strengths of Hokky are his good speed and his ability in holding the ball. I try to maximize the passes given to me," said Faiz.

Faiz added that he and Hokky are also close friends off the field, and this friendship helps them to play solidly in a duet. "I met Hokky for the first time before leaving for England. Since then, we often joke together, traveling, and from there we get closer and become more compact in training and matches," said Faiz.

Meanwhile Hokky and Faiz don't want to be complacent and will try hard to continuously develop their abilities and skills. "There are several things we have to improve, such as concentration and communication on the field," said Hokky. "I think we can still increase the pressure against the opposing defenders, and we shouldn't often lose the ball easily," added Faiz.

Watch Hokky and Faiz in action in the next #GarudaSelect match against Huddersfield U18. This match will take place on Tuesday (27/4) at 17.45 WIB. The matches can be watched for free via Polytron TV, Mola Polytron Box, the Mola app, or the website at


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