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#GarudaSelect Program Welcomes the Easing of Lockdown in UK

The plan is that, on March 29, outdoor sports facilities will also be reopened to public.

The lockdown status in the UK has begun to get relaxed after the local government imposed the easing of phase 1 by resuming teaching and learning activities in schools since Monday, March 8, 2021.

The plan is that, on March 29, outdoor sports facilities will also be reopened to public. The public will also be allowed to hold outdoor activities as usual. This is certainly good news for #GarudaSelect Program activities.

Dennis Wise as #GarudaSelect Director of Football says the activities of the players will remain the same as usual. The training will only be more focused itu related to new situation after the lockdown status is lifted.

"As usual, the fitness of the players will be maintained and they will still train in their respective bubble (group). Regarding the training materials, it is very important that understanding of the game will be trained repeatedly in order to prepare them for upcoming matches, "said Coach Dennis.

"Now we can focus more on preparing for the match. Communication with some of the academy teams is still ongoing. The players must continue to do what they have been doing so far, while at the same time they need to develop their understanding on a number of things such as their position on the field, game reading and so on."

So far the #GarudaSelect squad has only played one match, namely against Port Vale. After that, their activities have been focused on pre-season training, physical strength exercise and several internal trial matches.

"Overall, the players have been able to get through the pre-season training program well. Based on that, the coaching team can also find out the physical abilities and psychological conditions of the players. I know it's tough because the standard used in this program is the standard for the first team in the UK, but I can see they (the players) follow it seriously,” added Coach Dennis.

As time goes by, the players continue to be familiarized with various training program agendas designed to make them better understand the game system. This aims to improve the quality of their decision-making as well as their playing standards, which are very important to become a professional football player.


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