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#GarudaSelect Players' Shopping Activities During Holidays

#GarudaSelect players have started to adapt to daily life in England. One of their free time activities is shopping for food and daily necessities. But it was before the UK government imposed the lockdown rules.

"The supermarket is just about 1 KM from where we live. Usually my friends and I go there once a week," said Muhammad Faqih Maulana. "We go to the supermarket just to relax and mingle with people in the community. However, because there are still Covid-19 pandemics, health protocols must be strictly applied," said Roki.

"Usually I buy food such as bread and snacks. I also get daily necessities such as soap and body lotion," said Ridwan. "I used to shop for biscuits and turkey slices," said Lorenzo. "I buy all my personal needs such as shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant," added Elia.

In England the players have tried something new by looking for items that do not exist in their home countries. "There are several brands of biscuits that do not exist in Italy, so every time I shop I buy some of them just to try," said Elia. "I like to buy snacks. One of the things I like is the barbeque-flavored potato chips that are different from those in Indonesia. As far as I know, these chips are locally made in England," said Ridho Syuhada Putra.

"All the necessities are available in the supermarket, but there is one more thing I want to look for, namely shoes. Maybe when the lockdown is discontinued, I am going to stop by the shopping center to buy the shoes I like," said Ridwan Ansori.


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