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#GarudaSelect Implements Strict Health Protocols

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK government has issued health protocols to be applied in everyday life. The Garuda Select program applies this health protocol very strictly both on and off the field.

Health protocols have been implemented even before the players leave for England. All players took the Swab Test as one of the conditions for entry into England.

"Before flying, all players tested negative for Covid-19. When they arrived in the UK they were subjected to a 10-day quarantine according to government regulations. Every day they were required to fill out a questionnaire to see if they felt the symptoms of Covid-19. Apart from that, temperature checks were also routinely done. It is considered normal if their temperature is below 37.8, "said Garuda Select physiotherapist, Ellie Hargreaves.

Meanwhile, on-field agendas such as training, gyms and matches must be done with strict adherence to the health protocols. This is important to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

"Strict health protocols are applied during training. Players have their respective places on the edge of the field containing drinking bottles, shoes and other equipment," said Ellie.

"During matches, we also apply health protocols. The locker room at Loughborough University Stadium can only accommodate a maximum of six players. Luckily, the changing rooms are adjacent and there is a door so the Coaching Team can stand in the middle while giving instructions that can be heard by all the players at the same time. During the match against Port Vale U-18, the players of the first and second half were separately placed. Hand sanitizers are provided in the changing room and on the bench for the players. The changing room is always cleaned before and after the match." Ellie explained.

Regarding the Covid-19 alert rate in Loughborough which has risen to Tier 4 (stay at home ), the Garuda Select team has anticipated it. Coordination with Loughborough University has been carried out so that the training agenda can continue according to the program prepared by the coaching team.

"The rising alert rate in this area to Tier 4 has made us continue to monitor the situation. We have had a meeting with the University and they gave us permission to continue training. However, the gym is currently closed and we are looking for an alternative to do gym program in a bigger place so that it can be done while keeping the distance," said Ellie.


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