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Development of Faiz Maulana According to #GarudaSelect Coaching Team

The #GarudaSelect coaching team is quite satisfied with the development shown by Muhammad Faiz Maulana. Coach Danny Holmes said Faiz has shown significant developments in the last few weeks. "Faiz is training very well. Faiz has realized the importance of working hard on the pitch. Faiz is a player with great skills and has the ability to run on long balls passed over or through opposing defenders. In the last few training sessions, Faiz has tried to develop his abilities by running to chase the ball, running down to the backline to help the defense and making tackles," said Coach Danny.

Coach Danny hopes Faiz can show his skills in real matches. The plan is that #GarudaSelect will be able to return to competition after the UK lockdown is eased which will take effect from March 29th. "I hope that when the match resume, Faiz can show the progress he has been achieving in training. Faiz’ good development in the training will certainly help the team. As a striker, Faiz is the front line in defending, so it is very important that he keeps pressure on opposing players. "When he can win the ball, there will be an opportunity for the team to counterattack," explained Coach Danny.

Faiz himself acknowledges the importance of the role of the coaching team at #GarudaSelect for the development he has experienced. "Coach Des Walker and Coach Danny Holmes always emphasize to me that I should always pressure and disturb the opponent. I am aware that this is very important for attackers to do and I am grateful to be able to gain that knowledge and skill at #GarudaSelect. The coach's request is that I have to prevent my opponents from bringing the ball forward to the penalty area,“ said Faiz.


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