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Dennis Wise and Des Walker's Challenge in a Sprint Training Session

The #GarudaSelect squad has a short sprint training session. Three players, namely Muhammad Faqih Maulana, Hokky Caraka, and Muhammad Faiz Maulana, are challenged on the target time given by the coaching team.

“We must perform 200 M and 300 M sprints up to 10 sets. Each player is given a different target time. Coach Dennis Wise and Des Walker challenge me in 200-meter sprint. If I succeed to reach the target five times under 35 seconds , the number of sprint sets for me and my friends in the same group will be reduced from 12 to 10 sets," said Faqih.

Faqih five times recorded the time under 35 seconds. Faqih's best record in the 200m sprint is 29 seconds. Like Faqih, Hokky was also able to meet the targets set by the trainer. Hokky had six times under 35 seconds in 10 sets.

"The drill is really tiring, but the target given by the coach makes me excited. In addition, sprint training is very important for physical strength, speed and endurance," said Hokky.

Meanwhile, Faiz had the best record among his friends with 28 seconds. "I am increasingly motivated to achieve the target. Thank God I can be the fastest. To be a professional football player, you don't have to always practice with the ball. Physical exercise such as sprint is very important so that later you can consistently play for 90 minutes even in a high-intensity match," said Faiz.


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