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Brylian Aldama's Early Career Steps in Europe

Now he can start his dream of pioneering a career path in Europe.

An exciting moment for the future of Indonesian football. After Bagus Kahfi who joined FC Utrecht, now Brylian Aldama, left for Croatia on Thursday (2/4) night to join one of the Croatian First Division clubs, HNK Rijeka.

Now he can start his dream of pioneering a career path in Europe. Two seasons that were forged at #GarudaSelect became valuable assets for Brylian to pursue a career in Europe. Not only physical and technical training, mental and playing skills are other knowledge that Brylian has learned with #GarudaSelect.

Brylian has recorded the highest physical test results compared to other players in the yo-yo test. According to him, this success is inseparable from his discipline of maintaining a diet and resting so that he can stay optimally during exercise.

In terms of understanding play, Brylian was taught how important it is to maintain cohesiveness with communication. This was seen in the Garuda Select Series Season 2 Episode 9 Program, when David Maulana, Brylian Aldama, and Rafli Asrul were able to play together against Cheltenham. Brylian and Rafli also managed to score one goal apiece in that match.

The atmosphere of European football is not really new for Brylian. In the second season in January 2020, he participated in training with the Como senior team. From there, Bry, his nickname, was inspired by the seriousness of the Como players to train.

"Como players train 100 percent whether they are core players or not. They are not at all lazy in training and that's a lesson I can take," he said. Brylian is scheduled to arrive in Zagreb on April 2, 2021 and will immediately continue the journey to the city of Rijeka. From there his dream of pursuing a European football career will begin

At a glance at HNK Rijeka, this club has never stepped down since the formation of Prva Liga in 1992. One of the top players who has played for the team is Andrej Kramaric who currently plays for the Bundesliga club, Hoffenheim. Persija Jakarta striker Marko Simic also started his professional career with the Rijeka youth team in 2001.


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