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2021: Best Wishes and Hopes of the GarudaSelect players for the New Year

The Garuda Select squad welcomes the New Year 2021 with high enthusiasm. The players have high hopes of being able to develop faster and better with the Garuda Select Program.

For the players, joining the Garuda Select Program is certainly a rare and precious opportunity. Apart from being trained by Dennis Wise and Des Walker, the players also use world-class sports facilities at Loughborough University. Not only that, Garuda Select will also compete against the best academy teams in England.

"I am very happy to be able to train in Europe. I wish that in 2021 I can be even better than in the previous year and I want to continue to learn as well as gain as much experience as possible here. Joining Garuda Select should not be wasted because this will be the beginning of my journey to reach the dream of playing in Europe, "said Ridho Syuhada


Garuda Select defender, Dustin Pratama also hopes to impress the Coaching Team so that he will be trusted as the main player. "I am happy to be joining Garuda Select. I am ready to work hard in 2021 because joining Garuda Select is a dream come true and one of the steps to become a quality player," said Dustin.

Meanwhile Noval Junior wishes that he will develop not only on the pitch but also off the pitch. "I feel very happy to be able to play in Europe with Garuda Select and have the opportunity to be trained by world-class coaches. My wish is that in 2021 I can make my parents proud, get a call from the national team, and join a European club. I will not waste the opportunity I am now having in Garuda Select and I am ready to work hard and will follow the direction of the coaching team, "said Noval.

Garuda Select right-back, Daniel Naa, who performed well in the inaugural match of Garuda Select, hopes that 2021 will be full of happiness. He also has a dream to play for the Indonesian national team.

"I wish that this new year will be the best year of my life. May all my dreams come true such as to participate in the 2023 U19 World Cup. May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and many new inspirations in my life. Hopefully, during the whole year I can find happiness, peace, love and success, " said the player from Sorong smilingly.

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